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Day Dreamer ☁️


🎁 Who to give this to?

That person who needs that easy, fuss-free routine because they roll out of bed and out the door in 10 mins tops.

👉 What's in it?

Cloud Factory Gentle Foaming Cleanser (150mL): A gentle everyday foaming cleanser packed with 5 botanical fruit acids, Swiss red clover flower and pine extracts.

- Gently removes all the nasties (oil, dirt, makeup, etc)
- Minimises & rebalances pores
- Calms sensitive skin

Dew Date Day Moisturiser (30mL): A creamy moisturiser that melts into your skin to deeply moisturise and nourish, for balanced hydration all day long.

- Plumps skin helping it feel soft and hydrated
- Helps retain moisture for long-lasting hydration
- Restores natural skin barrier
- Brightens dull skin

Sunny Side Up Sunscreen Mist (40mL): A water-based broad spectrum SPF30 sunscreen mist that feels lightweight and invisible on skin. No white cast, no shine, no breakouts.

- Protects your skin from UV rays & blue light from digital screens
- Repairs skin damage caused by smoke, pollution and UV radiation

✨  Gift set works for all skin types; suitable for sensitive skin.

🍃  100% clean, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly. 



Day Dreamer ☁️

Day Dreamer ☁️