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Your 14-day Guide to Healthier Skin

by Editorial Team |

While a consistent day and night skincare routine is important, the truth is your skin's health goes beyond the products you use – it’s a factor of your lifestyle and environment, too. Below, we've put together a 14-day calendar with simple daily goals that will help you build healthier skin habits and take care of your skin holistically. 

Day 1: Start the Day Right With Your Morning Skincare Routine

Your day routine sets the stage! Use a gentle cleanser (to get rid of oil and impurities that build up overnight), a serum to target specific skin concerns, a moisturiser to lock in hydration, and an SPF to protect you from harmful UV rays (even if you’re staying indoors!)

Day 2: Don’t Skip Your Night Skincare Routine

When you’re asleep, your skin is in recovery mode, working to regenerate itself and repair the damage caused throughout the day. Use richer products as they have all night to sink in and work their magic. Cleanse your face, gently exfoliate with our Clean Slate pads (only once or twice a week!), and slather on your night serum and night cream to keep your skin glowy and healthy.

Day 3: Your Best Sleep is On Your Back

Did you know your sleep posture can give you fresher, brighter eyes? Sleeping on your back avoids constricting the blood vessels in your face. Plus elevating your head slightly with a good plump pillow will help you avoid any morning puffiness!

Day 4: Don’t Forget To Drink Your H20

Hydration is key to staying healthy inside and out. Drinking 2L of water is just as important as having 3 meals a day. If you’re having a hard time keeping up, get two 1L bottles, place them in front of you and make sure you finish both by the end of each day––easy!

Day 5: Humidify Your Home

The artificial air from your air conditioning soaks up all the moisture in your skin, leaving you dry and prone to acne! If you’re often stuck inside with the AC on, invest in a mini humidifier and keep it by your desk and bed. That way you can moderate your environment and ensure nothing steals your beloved hydration!

Day 6: Take 5 to Meditate

There’s a good reason why meditation and yoga are so popular. Finding your zen and stepping away from the chaos of day-to-day life can reduce inflamed skin. Take 5 minutes to pause and look out the window mindlessly––this counts as active meditation.

Day 7: Put Your Phone Away Before Bed!

Did you know the blue light emitted from digital devices triggers your brain to stay awake? It’s not just TikTok keeping you up! Avoid looking at your phone, computer, laptop, or TV at least 30 minutes before bed to catch some peaceful zzz’s.

Day 8: Keep Calm and Mask On

Everyone deserves an at-home spa day. Pick one night of the week to sit back, put on a nourishing or purifying mask, and jam to your our Spotify Chill & Mask On playlist. It will help you de-stress and your skin will thank you. 


Day 9: Go Nuts For Nuts

Nuts are tiny but they’re a powerhouse of antioxidants, healthy fats, and vitamins. Snack on a handful of them every now and then, or smooth a natural nut butter on to toast for breakfast. Plus they’re  delicious, what’s not to love?


Day 10: Take Care of Your Hands

Your hands deserve a lot of love, too, especially if you’re washing your hands constantly these days. Whether you’re putting on moisturiser or doing a face mask, leave some of that extra goodness for your mitts!

Day 11: Switch Out Your Pillow Case

Love hitting the hay at night? You might be catching your beauty sleep with some pretty icky characters like dead skin cells and sebum(oil). Keep at least two sets of pillowcases so you can wash and switch them out each week and get some shut-eye on clean pillows!

Day 12: Get Your Yoga On

Yoga is great for your flexibility, but it’s also a globally proven de-stressor to help you deal with internal skin inflammation and stress-related breakouts!

Day 13: You Deserve a Warm Bath/Shower

It’s ok to treat yourself and take it slow some nights. Draw a warm bath – never a hot one – and just relax in some foamy suds. Hot showers can inflame the skin and disrupt the skin’s natural balance of moisture, but a warm bath will help release tension and relax your muscles.

Day 14: Eat Your Fruits & Greens - Get Your 5 A Day

Just like your parents always said, eat your fruits and veggies! This part of the food pyramid is so necessary to get your proper dose of vitamins and minerals. Try to eat meals with 3 different coloured veg or fruit to maximise their benefits.


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