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Recycling Yours

We’re on a mission to make skincare simple and sustainable – and we need your help with recycling Yours!

Here how to recycle Yours the right way:


Separate by material

Serum, cream bottles and exfoliant tub:Plastic – fully recyclable

Eye serum:Plastic cap with a glass body – both fully recyclable

Shipping & outer boxes:Cardboard – fully recyclable


Double check for residue

For your serums and creams: as you use the product, an airless pump inside the bottle rises to prevent anything from sticking to the walls.

Once you’ve finished your products, it’s best to open your bottles and ensure they are completely free of any residue.


Rinse your bottles

Before recycling, give your bottles a quick rinse to ensure they are clean and there is no trace of product residue left.

How to tell if your products are finished

1. Open the bottle and check if the airless pump inside has reached the top.2. Despite pumping 10-15 times consecutively, no product comes out!

Each bottle typically lasts for about 2 months, with an average use of 1-2 pumps twice a day.

Learn more about how we designed our Airless Pump bottle packaging here

Opening Yours bottles

It’s easy - all you need to do is twist the cap open, like any regular screw cap.

Reduce product waste by reusing your bottles! All our bottles can be opened, washed, and refilled with serums and creams as an easy travel hack! To reuse, push the airless pump base down with a clean stick (from the inside), rinse well and refill once dry.

Recycling the outer packaging

1. If the packaging material has become soiled or stained from food items, you’ll have to dispose it along with general waste (a health and safety regulation).

2. Flatten the shipping box. While this isn’t a requirement, it helps ensure a little more space in the recycling bin for more recyclables!

3. Recycle it with paper and carton products, even if it has plastic tape on.

All our packaging is fully recyclable.

Recycle every element of our packaging

By 2021, we pledge to bring our carbon footprint to as close to net zero as possible

Recycling Facts
around the World

United States

Only 8% of recyclable plastic products, and 66% of recyclable paper products, are recycled - these stats have worsened over the last 5 years.


Just 9.4% of recyclable plastic products are actually recycled. Only 10% of products placed in recycling bins cannot be recycled.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong sells a much larger % of its recycled materials than it keeps. In 2018, 92% of recovered recyclable materials were exported, netting Hong Kong HK6.3 billion in revenue.

New Zealand

The average New Zealander produces approximately 31kg of plastic each year, but only recycles 5.58kg per year.

United Kingdom

In the UK, 70% of packaging waste is either recycled or recovered – a fantastic feat!


Of the 60% of material that goes into recycling bins, only 4% of recyclable plastics and 56% of paper products end up actually being recycled!*