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Your Skin, But Better

Skincare has been a guessing game for far too long. It’s time to simplify it. It’s time you felt comfortable in your own skin, always. We make skincare that’s right for you. We are Yours.

Skincare, reimagined

Your skin's health and needs are a factor of your lifestyle and environment. Think: how much water you drink, sleep, sun exposure, stress, and the humidity of your climate. So why should skincare treat only skin type and concerns?

We start with you – and map the right, active ingredients to your skin needs.

Goodbye, trial-and-error.
Hello, personalised skincare.

Clean Beauty ++

Clean, safe and effective products that are good for your skin, and the environment. Always. 

All ingredients that go into our formulations are:
✓ non-toxic & rated safe by EWG
✓ rigorously tested for safety and efficacy
✓ environmentally sustainable
✓ ethically-sourced

We only work with partners that care about their supply chain as much as we do.

Safe For You,
Safe For Earth

We’re all about non-wasteful consumption. All our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable.

We’re also vetoing easily-contaminated jars for airless pump bottles, which are designed to eliminate product wastage and make recycling easy.

If you're curious about our packaging and sustainability #goals, you can read more about it on this blog. If you're interested in finding out about how we're using our packaging to build awareness around sustainability, read this.

Why Switzerland?

Nature, purity, precision, innovation, and science.

Originating from the Swiss Alps are clean, active ingredients that work wonders for your skin. Plus, a key component in skincare products is water, and Swiss water is mineral-rich.

With one of the strictest cosmetic regulations in the world— Swiss products are rigorously tested, and bans animal-testing.

We're Yours

We promise to be the BFF for your skin- because BFFs invest in understanding you, fighting your issues with you, and are always a ping away ! 👯‍♀

Above All, We’re Just Like You

Before Yours, our skincare journey involved a lot of trial and error. We also wanted to live by values like ‘environmentally-friendly’ and ‘cruelty-free’, but there weren’t many choices. So we decided to change things.

We built Yours to reimagine a decades-old skincare industry, which has left everyone guessing which skincare products are right for them. We hope we can make your journey simple and sustainable by being your partner in your skincare journey. Taking care of yourself, and for the environment, should be easy and accessible. Welcome to a world that starts with you. We’re Yours.

Navneet Kaur,
Founder & CEO | @navneet_ka


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