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7 Inexpensive Ways to Fix Dull Skin

by Editorial Team |

Fixing dull skin is no less than a big feat! The dream of flawless, glowing skin can be easily shattered amidst a hectic schedule and a whole lot of stress. Moisturisers, scrubs, facials – you've tried it all. Sadly, the dullness is here to stay. What's great is that you don't need to be a "chosen one" to be able to flaunt unblemished skin. All you need is an appropriate skincare routine, a healthy diet, and a good lifestyle.


Handpicked Tips for Fixing Dull Skin

In addition to keeping yourself well-hydrated and getting a good deal of exercise, here are a few valuable tips for fixing dull skin:

Reverse Oxidation with Tomatoes

When applied to the skin, antioxidants help fight against free radicals and dullness. In addition, they increase collagen production, thus keeping skin supple and radiant.

Tomatoes are filled with goodies like lycopene, that make for effective antioxidants.

All you need to do is mix together some tomato juice and lemon juice. Then, apply this smooth paste to your skin in a circular motion. After leaving it on for 15 minutes, wash it off and reveal glowing skin.

Talk about simple remedies for dull skin! ;)


Try Steam Cleaning

A technique that's been in practice for years now, steaming helps doing away with dullness by:

  • Stimulating circulation
  • Deep cleansing your skin
  • Preventing breakouts
  • Fight back signs of ageing

To reap these benefits, all you need to do is cover your head with a towel and place it over a bowl of steaming hot water. Do this for a span of 15 minutes, and pat your face dry.

Following up with a serum or moisturiser would be a good idea!


Eat Foods Rich in Fatty Acids

While knowing your skin type and using the right products is necessary, eating good foods for skin is of greatest importance.

Think avocados, tomatoes, salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, and kidney beans. Include in your diet those foods, that are rich in fatty acids. This will boost the formation of new skin cells, and sooner than later, it will be time to say goodbye to dull skin. Hooray!

On the downside - booze. Keep the boozing at bay. If you drink too much, your skin will misbehave. The same goes for smoking. This is not just important for fixing dull skin, but to protect your skin in general.


Use Collagen-Boosting Face Serums

Just like The Beatles revolutionised the music scene in its entirety, serums can be called revolutionaries of the skincare regime. No matter what the problem, serums will provide a viable solution to it.

They are specially designed to seep into the deepest levels of your skin and rejuvenate, revive, and renew.

Repeat after us: a serum a day does keep dull skin away.

P.S: Make sure you know the ins and outs of how to use a facial serum. It's a new product, after all.


Look Out for your Eyes

Do you know that the skin around your eyes is the thinnest?

Whether you're ageing or simply not getting enough sleep, this part of your face will start dulling first.

So, do away with dull skin by showing your under-eye are some extra love! Here are a few tips:

  • Apply something cold - sliced cucumbers, ice cubes, and cold tea bags work just fine.
  • Get some beauty sleep
  • Give under-eye serums a try!


DIY Masks

There's nothing like a face mask prepared within the constraints of your homes. You'd be surprised to know of the skin-benefiting properties that most ingredients in your kitchen hold. The next time you go to the grocery store, bring back things you'd want to apply, in addition to things you'd want to eat.

Gram flour, yoghurt, milk, honey, and turmeric are stepping stones to fixing dull skin. If you want to make this fun, try different face mask recipes until you find the magic potion – that which works for your skin.


Less is More

Skin problems lead to excessive use of skincare leads to skin problems lead to…

Do you see how dangerous this vicious cycle is? Overdoing your skincare is just a big no-no.

Believe in less is more. Stick to a limited set of skincare that you know are well-suited for your skin. If your thoughts are muddled when it comes to knowing your skin, ask for help.

Our free skin assessment will help you understand your skin and what it needs better!




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