Introducing Bounce Back – A Restorative, Mineral-Rich Toner That Goes Introducing Bounce Back – A Restorative, Mineral-Rich Toner That Goes – Yours Skincare

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Introducing Bounce Back – A Restorative, Mineral-Rich Toner That Goes Beyond Balancing Your pH

by Team Yours JN |

Have you ever dismissed toner in favour of serum or other skincare products because you’re sceptical about what it truly does for your skin? You’re not alone. Many people often perceive toner as a non-essential step and will skip it without hesitation. We decided to challenge this perception, especially after learning from our customers that many unknowingly over-experimented with their skin in the past thanks to skincare trial-and-error. So we developed Bounce Back, a nourishing, balancing toner packed with clean, essential minerals, that goes beyond balancing your pH levels to restore and repair your skin. 

While people usually focus on treatment serums to tackle specific skin concerns, they often deprioritise investing in the long-term health of their skin. Mixing formulations with strong concentrations of active ingredients will likely show results overnight, but unfortunately, this can actually do more harm than good and lead to damage and sensitivity in the long run. We wanted Bounce Back to incorporate skin-strengthening properties that actually nourish and rebuild the skin’s natural barrier – an important function that keeps it strong, healthy and looking youthful. 

"Many people unknowingly over-experiment with their skin thanks to skincare trial-and-error and deprioritise investing in long-term skin health"

Meet Bounce Back Balancing Toner

We're proud to present the latest addition to our Essentials collection Bounce Back, a toner designed to rejuvenate, fortify and supercharge your skin, all while rebalancing and hydrating it for a healthy glow. 

It reactivates the skin’s natural defences thanks to a unique blend of clean ingredients including 5 power minerals that ensure skin remains soft, supple and radiant. Pat the refreshing elixir onto freshly-cleansed skin day and night, and ACB Bio-Chelate 5 and Vitamin B12 will work to restore your skin’s natural pH levels, promote cell renewal and strengthen the skin barrier. It also features Epidermist, a skin-builder, which protects your skin against acne-causing bacteria. Finally, Glucame-20 hydrates skin, while ever popular Niacinamide evens out skin tone and lightens dark spots. 

Yours’ Essentials Collection, Complete

Bounce Back is the fourth addition to our Essentials range, which spans Cloud Factory, a gentle foaming cleanser to kick-start your routine, Clean Slate, an exfoliant to deeply cleanse pores, and Sunny Side Up, a sunscreen that provides UV and blue light protection.  

In line with our Clean Beauty++ philosophy, all the ingredients in Bounce Back, whether plant-derived or synthetically produced, are non-toxic, vegan, stringently tested for safety and efficacy, and are ethically-sourced via transparent supply chains. On top of that, we make sure they’re listed safe for use by the Environmental Working Group – the gold standard in clean ingredient ratings.

We’re so excited to be able to continue expanding our Clean Beauty ++ offering and making skincare simple and sustainable for both you and the planet. We can’t wait for you to supercharge your skin and help it Bounce Back to the best version it’s ever been!

Founder & CEO, Yours

P.S. Are you curious to know how ‘clean’ your clean skincare really is? (Pssst... it’s not as clean as you think!). Read all about our Clean Beauty ++ philosophy, and uncover the truth about clean beauty skincare here.

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Are You Ready To Supercharge Your Skin? Get Bounce Back Balancing Toner NOW!

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