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Understanding Your Sensitive Skin

by Editorial Team |

Sensitive skin is a condition that anyone could have.

If you constantly find yourself dealing with an angry skin, you might be exasperated, to say the least. Anything you do will lead you to look flushed, blemished, and reddened.  

What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is a type in itself. Incorrect. Myth #1 busted.

Anybody really can show traits of having sensitive skin. You could have oily and acne-prone skin that’s sensitive. Alternatively, your skin could be dry along with being sensitive. Confused?

What we’re saying is that sensitive skin is not a type, but a condition. Such skin is prone to reddening, rashes, itchiness, and irritability on more occasions than what’s deemed ‘normal.’

If you understand your skin type well, you'd be able to make a clearer distinction on this front.


Signs that You Might Have Sensitive Skin

If your skin:

  • Reacts adversely to ordinary products 
  • Becomes bumpy and red upon contact with cleaning solutions or detergents
  • Often suffers from common skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, or dermatitis
  • Troubles you on days that the sun is out, or it’s a little too cold
  • Misbehaves when you’re literally doing nothing…

...then, you might have sensitive skin.

That was a little intro on what sensitive skin is and the right way to identify it. Now, let’s move on to the ways that can make this skin condition better.


Caring for Sensitive Skin - Top Tips to Follow

That you must live with sensitive skin forever is a myth.

While there’s no cure for sensitive skin per se, there’s a lot you can do to soothe and protect your skin. Let's take a look.


Get Back to Basics

When it comes to sensitive skin, less is more. So, cut back maybe? And no, you need not visit your anthropological roots to find minimalistic solutions.

Stick to these skincare essentials for the face: a moisturiser, a facial cleanser, a toner, a sunscreen, an exfoliant. Additionally, can you let go of your primer and concealer on some days?


Avoid Fragrances

A widely practised method of buying skincare products is this: looking for a tester, opening the bottle, and sniffing it. If you like how it smells, you purchase it.

Here’s the truth: Fragrances contribute to brand value, connote luxury, and mask the unpleasant odours of natural cosmetic products.

However, research has proven that unnatural fragrances exacerbate skin reactions and other diseases.

So, our advice: stay away from (unnatural) fragrant products.


Be Sensitive with Sensitive

You do not want to be rubbing away at a skin that’s already fragile. Be gentle. Furthermore, avoid harsh cleansers, scrubs, loofahs, and other products that could potentially cause irritation.

Treating your sensitive skin like a newborn baby is the key!


Watch Out for Chemicals

This is a key fundamental when it comes to caring for sensitive skin. Unfortunately, there's no dearth of harmful skincare ingredients.

So, always take yourself through the ingredients that make up any skincare product. If you don’t read it, who will?

Most people with sensitive skin complain of reactions to certain chemicals. Try to observe patterns in your reactions, and eliminate those products from your skincare routine.


Shield Against the Sun

If you think you can shun your sunscreen on a cloudy day, you’re wrong. Truth is, the sun is never not there. Harmful UV rays – visible or invisible, always manage to make it to your skin and cause sun damage if you’re not protected well.

So, make it a point to ALWAYS cover your body with sunscreen. If the sun seems too harsh, do not forget to carry a scarf, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat.

Remember, there is nothing like too much protection when it comes to the sun.


Hydrate, Peeps!

Dual hydration is mandatory, guys. In addition to applying sufficient amounts of moisturiser that’s suited for your skin, drink lots of water. If this is something you forget amidst your busy schedule, set reminders. Have a pretty bottle placed on your desk, and keep sipping away.


Bye Bye Hot Water

It’s time to put an end to bathrooms that resemble saunas after a steaming hot shower. It strips the skin off of moisture and naturally occurring oils that are essential to its health.

Instead, use lukewarm water. This is true for even those who do not have sensitive skin. Hot water damages the skin.


See? Caring for sensitive skin is hard, but not impossible. Follow these basic tips, and never let your skin stress you out again.

Alternatively, avoid the hassle and get yourself personalised skincare curated by our experts at YoursOur products are clean, pure, and made with love, just for you. Ready? Take our free skin test.


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