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Tavy's Story: Easy Skincare for Working Mothers

by Editorial Team |

For Tavy, following an efficient skincare routine is no easy feat. As if being a mother of three and a working professional isn’t hard enough!

It's no surprise, though, that there are many women out there like her. Where does skincare fit into maintaining a work-life balance, drinking eight glasses of water a day, and staying up-to-date with Netflix?

Everybody wants healthy skin, but not everyone will have the time and expertise to do it justice. This is where Yours' personalised skincare enters the picture.

After a friend introduced Tavy to Yours, she was quickly convinced by the benefits of personalisation: “Through talking to her, I knew that it would understand my skin, my lifestyle and the environment in which I was living.”

We caught up with the busy mother to see how else her personalised regimen helped her:


First thing's first – what is personalised skincare? 

Skincare is never a one-size-fits-all solution. After all, if your skin problems are unique, your skincare should be too, right? Simply put, personalised skincare accounts for your skin type, lifestyle, and environment – a complete routine that gets rid of the tedious process of trial-and-error.

How does personalisation deliver convenience?

When Tavy moved countries, she was perplexed with the way her skin reacted to different climates. “Moving to Asia really set my skin back in terms of how it looked and felt," she reveals, adding, "I broke out everywhere, and I was both dry and oily. I couldn't seem to get to grips with it.” 

But for someone as busy as her, experimenting with skincare can be both pricey and time consuming. “It's an expensive journey when you purchase something you've gone into a store to try. You try it on your hand and it feels nice, but your hand skin is not the same as your face skin, and when you put it on your face it doesn't work,” she explains.

In contrast, creating a personalised regimen with Yours took Tavy just three minutes in the form of a skin quiz. It let her delegate complex skincare decisions to someone who, in her own words, “knows their stuff well.”

Which personalised products did Tavy try?

Tavy tried all four of the products in the full Yours regimen – a day cream, night cream, face serum and eye serum.

As a working professional spending hours on end in air-conditioned spaces, she fell in love with her rich, moisturising night cream. “The night cream is luxuriously thick and after a day in the office in air-con, it really rehydrates and nourishes my skin," she notes. "I wake up the next morning with healthy skin – even though I'd sleep in air-con – without that kind of dryness.”

And although she previously hadn’t heard much about the benefits of face serums, so far she's been intrigued with how quickly her personalised serum delivers results. “It feels like the actives in the serum work immediately, and I know that sounds strange but that's how I feel.”

For Tavy, a simplified skincare routine means confidence. 

Over the years, we've learned that the benefits of an efficient skincare routine go way beyond appearances. Looking out for your skin is a wonderful form of self-care, and it’s exceptionally soothing. It helps you feel in control of your skin – something a lot of us with busy lives tend to miss out on. 

Tavy agrees: “To me it means confidence. It means putting my best face on. My skincare ritual in the evening is a chance for me to take care of me; to cleanse away my crazy day, and to put some goodness back in my skin.”


Ethics and sustainability are also important to her.  

Experts at Yours always stress the importance of knowing what goes into your skincare. Is it safely formulated? Are the ingredients toxin-free? Does it suit your skin type?

Apart from saving Tavy money and time, the fact that her personalised regimen is both ethical and sustainable also helps put her mind at ease. “I don't have to try and navigate my way through beauty store aisles anymore looking at ingredients that I can't even read properly," she says. "[Yours] is clean beauty, which is important to me as it matters what I put on my skin.” 

Here's why we're building skincare for the busy ones.

We’re on a mission to make self-care easier for everyone, but especially for women on the go who can't invest much time into researching their skincare. Personalised skincare is a blessing for busy women like Tavy who want healthy skin but need some help achieving it. 

In her own words: “To have a skincare brand that puts me front and centre is everything. It means that I feel totally looked after and I can concentrate on doing everything else that I have to do in my crazy busy schedule. Looking after the kids, doing my work, constant phone calls – I can do all of that.”

Personalised skincare is an experience, and if you’ve ever felt exasperated over skincare that doesn’t work, or if you don't have time to spend on a super long routine, consider delegating to us. All you have to do is take a free skin assessment. Take a leap of faith – Tavy did too! 😉



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