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The Ultimate Night Skincare Routine for Beauty Sleep

by Team Yours AM |

Your skin performs significant functions of repair and renewal while you're sleeping. In this blog, we'll lay out the 6 easy skincare steps pre-bedtime, to give your skin the TLC it deserves.

Skincare Steps to Follow Before Going to Bed

Step 1: Remove your makeup

Jump into bed and cosy up under your sheets all you want… but first, remove your makeup. This is a step that mustn't be skipped.

Use a makeup remover or cleansing oil to wipe off all your makeup. Always remember to be very gentle while using cotton pads, especially on the eyes.


Step 2: Cleanse

Let your cleanser remove all your makeup residue, oil, dirt and gunk that has accumulated on your face throughout the day.

Then, dispense one to two pumps of cleanser onto your palm and gently massage it in circular motions over your face. Rinse off and repeat if you’d like a double cleanse (optional step).

Tip: Check if your cleanser contains ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), parabens and alcohol — these are toxic skincare ingredients that should be left out of your skincare products entirely.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): Commonly used in skincare products like body wash, cleansers, shampoos and hand washes, SLS is a foaming agent that’s also usually found in detergents and household cleaners. It strips the skin of natural oils and causes dry skin, irritation and sometimes, inflammatory skin reactions.
  • Parabens: Parabens are synthetic chemicals and a type of preservative used to prolong product shelf life. However, it also disrupts hormone function by mimicking oestrogen and is linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. Parabens also impact the environment and marine wildlife, as it gets washed into the sewage system and out into the environment 😧
  • Alcohols: Alcohols like isopropyl, SD alcohol 40 and ethyl alcohol give a weightless effect to thicker-bodied skin care products and may help other ingredients penetrate the skin better. However, they essentially break down the skin’s natural barrier.

In addition to watching out for harmful ingredients, make sure you know how to wash your face properly. For instance, overdoing your cleansing routine will rip your skin off essential moisture.


Step 3: Toner First

A necessary pre-skincare step! Because of its low viscosity, toners penetrate your skin easily and get to its deeper layers. It rebalances your skin’s pH levels, gives your skin that shot of hydration it needs and preps your skin for serums and creams to come, allowing better skincare absorption.

Tip: Just remember to avoid alcohol-based toners, as those will dry out your skin, even those with oily complexions.


Step 4: Serum Second

Let the serum work its wonders while you get your beauty sleep. Highly concentrated, our personalised serums carry a bunch of active ingredients that your skin needs.

Apply a light layer on your face after the toner and allow a few minutes for absorption before moving on to the next steps.

P.S: If you're not quite sure about how to use a face serum, do some reading up. This will help you avoid sticky situations in the future.


Step 5: Goodbye, Under Eye Bags

A good eye serum reduces and prevents ageing around the eyes such as crow’s feet, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging eyelids. Plus, applying an eye serum at night will reduce eye puffiness the next day.

The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and fragile, so use a targeted eye serum instead of opting for a regular moisturiser, which may end up damaging the skin instead.

Tip: Incorporate this even if you are in your early 20s. Prevention is always better than cure. 💁‍♀️


Step 6: Moisturise

We’re almost there! A moisturiser helps your skin in regenerating itself and fixes the damage overnight. It locks in the necessary moisture and rejuvenates your skin. Definitely feel the difference the next day when you wake up with healthier-looking skin.

...And you are all set for sleep (We hear you — the benefits of beauty sleep can set everything to rights!)

Btw, if you want to take your PM skincare routine to the next level, how about trying out our nourishing serums and night creams? A dab of it before you sleep, and you'll wake up with glowing skin. :)

They are infused with all-clean ingredients that are pros at repairing your skin, filling up wrinkles, and giving your skin a dose of goodness as you sleep.



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