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Treatment Face Serums


Drop of Balance Anti-Acne Face Serum

Drop of Perfection 
Pore Perfecting Serum

Designed to target skin imperfections with Swiss Epilobium flower extract, Salicylic acid, Niacinamide, Zinc and Hyaluronic acid.


Drop of Light Vitamin C Face Serum

Drop of Light
Vitamin C Face Serum

Packed with antioxidants & skin brightening plant extracts, our potent Vitamin C serum effectively reduces dark spots & hyperpigmentation.


Drop of Youth Anti-Aging Retinol Serum

Drop of Youth
Anti-Aging Retinol Serum

This gentle retinol serum is an anti-aging powerhouse that naturally fills in fine lines & wrinkles from within. Prevents premature aging.

Day & Night Moisturizers


Matte & Moist Moisturiser

Matte & Moist

A lightweight and deeply hydrating gel moisturizer with a soft and matte finish. Prevents acne and maintains oil balance.


Dew Date Hydrating Moisturiser

Dew Date
Hydrating Moisturizer

Packed with nourishing ingredients—Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane, it melts into your skin to deeply hydrate it all day long


Milky Way Night Cream

DND Nights
Night Cream

A rich, regenerative night cream that targets signs of ageing while you sleep and you’ll wake up to soft and rejuvenated skin every morning. 


Milky Way Night Cream

Milky Way
Night Cream

A detoxifying, nourishing night cream packed with Swiss active ingredients to repair daily skin damage while you sleep.

Essentials to complement your routine

Bounce Back Skin Repairing Toner

Bounce Back
Skin Repairing Toner

 A nourishing toner that actually works to rebalance pores & strengthen your skin barrier with Niacinamide & 5 essential minerals.

Clean Slate Exfoliating Pads (30 Pads)

Sunny Side Up
SPF30 Sunscreen Mist

A lightweight, invisible sunscreen. No white cast, no shine, no breakouts. Re-apply over makeup, on-the-go!

Eye Love You Eye Serum

Eye Love You
Eye Serum

An all-in-one eye serum + metallic eye roller that works to de-puff, diminish dark circles, and target fine lines.

Patch It Up! Invisible Zit Patches

Patch it up!
Invisible Zit Patches (2x)

Two packs of make-up-friendly patches containing Hydrocolloids + Niacinamide to dry out gunk & pus from zits. Speeds up healing.

Clean Slate Exfoliating Pads (30 Pads)

Clean Slate
Exfoliating Pads (30 Pads)

These pads dissolve dead skin cells and dirt that clog your pores for clearer & smoother skin. Packed with Salicylic Acid, Centella Asiatica & Chamomile extracts. 

Clean, effective skincare for all

At Yours, each product is formulated using data & insights from millions of skin assessments to find the right combination of ingredients—and the results speak for themselves.

Conscious choices for better beauty.

Self-care and sustainability should go hand-in-hand. By making ethical and responsible choices in our supply chain, our ingredients, and our product development, we’re setting a new standard for companies to follow and to do better.

Our unique Swiss formulations are a perfect balance of nature and science.

Making skincare simple & sustainable.

Making skincare simple & sustainable.