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10 Common Skincare Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by Editorial Team |

Skincare mistakes are committed by us all – you’re not the only one. Most of the time, we’re highly unaware that some of our oldest habits are damaging our skins.

When we find skincare products unsatisfying, we immediately switch to newer products or brands. Sometimes, that brings no luck either. If this situation seems familiar to you, chances are that you might be doing it all wrong.

But don’t worry. We at Yours, are here to tell you about the most common skincare mistakes we have all committed at least once.

Btw, a whole lot of problems can be avoided if you're aware of your skin type and its needs. If this is something you don't know, our free skin assessment is just what you need. By taking into account your lifestyle and environment factors, it will reveal the clean and active ingredients that you need for healthy skin.



Commonly Committed Skincare Mistakes

Skincare Mistake #1 Overdoing Your Skincare Routine

There was a point when our skincare routine was short and sweet – cleanse, tone, moisturise. Now, we have been exposed to a whole new world of possibilities. Moisturisers, creams, sunscreens, toners, mists, sprays, exfoliants, sheets, masks, scrubs – the list is endless.

The famous quote “too much of anything is good for nothing” applies to the skin domain too.


To find out if you’re overdoing your skincare routine, watch out for the following warning signs:

  • Your skin is inflamed or irritated
  • Your skin seems drier than it was when you started
  • Your skin is breaking out a little too much


Skincare Mistake #2 Using Steaming Hot Water

Does your bathroom resemble a sauna while you enjoy a steaming hot shower? We get it. Hot water tends to soothe your muscles and brings relief to a body that’s tired. As good as it may feel, however, your skin hates it. Dryness, sensitivity, itchiness, and redness are just to name a few issues caused by hot water.


Resort to lukewarm or cold water instead. If this seems too hard, start off with hot water and gradually bring down the temperature.


Skincare Mistake #3 Loving your Makeup A Little Too Much

Just like you despise getting out of a dress that suits you really well, you might not want to get that makeup off your skin. Alternatively, you might just be too busy for all that cleaning up. However, that is the ultimate skincare mistake, leading to blocked pores and acne breakouts.


Make sure your face is completely free from makeup before working out, and before going to sleep. Let your skin breathe, folks!

 Common Skincare Mistake 

Skincare Mistake #4 Using Misaligned Products

Is it possible to buy clothes that fit you well if you’re not aware of your size? Similarly, for skin products to work well, you need to know your skin. Imagine having used a scrub designed for dry skin all your life, while instead, your skin is oily. Hello, disaster.


Take some time to understand your skin, and figure out what products you should be using. Additionally, educate yourself on the commonly-used harmful skincare ingredients

Know what to watch out for every time you set out to buy skincare.


Skincare Mistake #5 Underestimating the Sun

If you think that SPF products are only for beach days, you’re wrong. Truth is, harmful ultraviolet radiation is always lurking around and is one of the major causes of premature aging.


Wear sunscreen every day. There’s no excuse for not protecting your skin from the sun.

Tip: If you don’t know what sunscreen is right for you, refer to an SPF selection guide on the internet.


Skincare Mistake #6 Touching Your Face Too Often

Think about ALL the things your hands are exposed to over the course of a regular day. Amidst tying your shoelaces, holding on to bars, and exchanging hundreds of handshakes, our hands come in contact with millions of germs and bacteria. Now, imagine having all of these transferred to your face.

Trust us, it’s much worse than it sounds, and the biggest skincare mistake you could make.


As difficult as it might be, try to keep your hands off your face. Additionally, keep your hands as clean as possible – wash them with lukewarm water and soap after using the loo, after finishing meals, etc.


Skincare Mistake #7 Skipping on the Skin’s Basic Needs

Sometimes, we really tend to unsee the simple solutions. Irrespective of how right your products are and how disciplined your skincare routine is, your skin’s basic needs must be catered to.

This can be achieved by making simple lifestyle changes.


A good night’s sleep and a balanced diet are stepping stones to healthy skin. Try getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Additionally, avoid excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol, soda, and salty snacks.

There’s no need for you to completely stop – a few pints of beer and a few cups of coffee are completely acceptable. However, draw boundaries.

 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Skincare Mistake #8 Using Dirty Beauty Tools

It takes almost no time for bacteria to get attracted to dirt. If you have used makeup brushes and sponges that have never been cleaned, you’re just normal. However, using dirty beauty tools not only leads to clogged pores, but also to skin infections.


Invest in new brushes and sponges from time to time. Do not avoid a small expense to suffer from larger damages later. Alternatively, clean your tools regularly. Generally, water, soap, and gentle massage does the job.


Skincare Mistake #9 Using Filthy Bedding

Just because your pillowcase doesn’t look dirty, doesn’t mean it isn’t dirty. Oil, sweat and other residues from things like shampoos, conditioners, and moisturisers linger around on your sheets. Think of what this could do to your skin!


Wash your sheets and pillowcases every 2-3 days. You could also consider giving up cotton for silk. Dermatologists have been stressing on the benefits of silk pillowcases for the skin for years now.


Skincare Mistake #10 Skipping Your Night Skincare Routine

We do not want to break your bubble, but your night time skincare routine does not end at cleaning your face. When asleep, your skin undergoes crucial tasks of repairs and renewals. It is also during these hours, that your skin is most receptive to the products that you apply.


Just a serum, a night cream, or a mask can go a long way in achieving healthy skin. You could also pamper your skin by using a personalised night cream, curated by our experts at yours.

Common Skincare Mistakes

In all probability, you have made at least one of these common skincare mistakes.

However, it’s never too late to assess your actions. Follow these simple solutions, and you’ll see that old habits aren’t always hard to break.

Lastly, if you need some help with cross-checking your skincare regimen, we can lend a helping hand. Our free skin assessment will spill out valuable details on what your skin needs for embracing flawlessness.



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