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Personalised Gift Ideas for Christmas

by Editorial Team |

Gifting ideas for Christmas are many, and we're here to help you narrow down on one.

Let’s be real – while the warm fuzzy feeling of spending time with family and friends is priceless, we all love the excitement that comes from gifts wrapped in pretty paper!

Amidst the festive frenzy, scurrying around to find the perfect present for your loved ones can be pressurising. To save you from all the stress, we’ve put together a guide spilling out the best personalised gifting ideas for Christmas!

If you want the process of gift-hunting to be even easier, you can consider the option of personalised skincare. All you need to do is click on this link, fill in the form, schedule a gift delivery date, and checkout. Thereon, leave it all on us. ;)



Why Personalised Gifting?

Did you know? Personalised gifting works for everyone, helps strengthen personal ties, and is a popular trend of the time!

Imagine receiving a bottle of your favourite champagne, versus receiving a bottle of your favourite champagne withholding a personal message for you. Which one would you prefer?

We already know what you’re thinking…

That’s the thing— personalised presents add a special touch to the act of gifting. It also helps to do away with tirelessly scanning the malls for that one perfect gift…which you never find.

So, let’s skim through our top-picked unique gifting ideas for Christmas! Ready?


Gifting Ideas for Christmas: For the Home

Christmas homes welcome glitters, shimmers, lights, and the classic green and red with open arms. However, with these unique gifts for Christmas, you could help loved ones get every inch of the house into the festive mood!


Personalised Cushions

We all love bringing about changes in our homes. After all, some routines are just meant to be broken.

So, this festive season, help friends and family transform their residences with cushion covers that they, and only they’d love.


Personalised Wine Glasses

Whether you’re a wine lover or not, the Christmas mood urges us all to clink a glass or two. After all, the tradition demands it.

Is there a better time to surprise a special wine lover with a customised wine glass? Have their name or a personal message engraved on the glass. Trust us, they’ll never drink wine the same way again. 😉


Personalised Photo Frames

In a swiftly digitising world, most of our photographs do not make it out of smartphones and laptops. Make the most of the coming festive season, and showcase your photo memories with near and dear ones.

Bring them a personalised photo frame or two, and embark on a trip of nostalgia!


Gifting Ideas for Christmas: Health and Wellbeing

The holiday season is quite the epitome of good life - happier families, richer foods, and fancier vacations. While all seems to be going well, one thing we end up sidelining is our health.

With these gifting ideas for Christmas, make the coming festive season a healthier experience for friends and family.


Personalised Skincare

A hoard of sugary foods, wines and champagnes, and the dry wintery climates do much more to damage your skin than you think. In addition, neglected skincare during the holidays easily makes personalised skincare the best gifting idea for Christmas.

At Yours, we are on a mission to redefine skincare practices, by treating skincare enthusiasts to 100% customised, and clean++ products.

We strongly believe that lifestyle and environment factors have huge roles to play in defining your skincare needs. Furthermore, we wish to free our clients from worries of finding the product that’s just right for them.

So, are you ready to help friends and family achieve flawless skin?


A Customised Massage

Many of us are rather unaware of this recent trend that’s slowly gaining popularity. Customised massage treatments involve YOU telling your massage therapist what YOU want. You might have a splitting headache from sleepless nights or an aching back from all the heavy picking up. Festivities, we tell you!

So, this time, gift your loved ones a rather unique gift for Christmas – vouchers to get their body relaxed.


Gifting Ideas for Christmas: For the Foodies

We all know that one person who simply doesn’t care about their health going south. Festivities mean good food, and they won’t have it any other way.

The following gifting ideas for Christmas would be just right for those foodie pals of yours.


Customised Chocolates

Of course! What’s Christmas without these sweet treats? Bring home chocolates engraved with your partner’s favourite lyrics, or customised to their taste buds.

Or if you’re feeling a little too much love, bring them a whole basket of chocolates. YUM!


A Personalised Fruit Basket

Hey, yummy treats can be healthy too! If your loved ones’ health status is your top concern, treat them to a personalised basket featuring their favourite fruity foods.

Freshly plucked fruits, organic jams and confitures, fresh juices and more, will keep their bodies sane in the post-festive phase.


Gifting Ideas for Christmas: Winter Treats

You certainly don’t want friends and family to be down with a cold around this time. To keep sickness woes at bay, get them presents that will make them feel warm – pun intended.


Personalised Winter Clothes

A pair of stockings or a thick woollen jacket would mostly mark the closets of all. However, how cool would it be to receive woollen clothes with themes of favourite movie characters? Imagine being a Game of Thrones fan, and receiving a muffler with John Snow’s famous quotes. We’d be stoked!

In the end, the choice rests with you. It doesn’t matter whether you narrow down on personalised skincare or personalised chocolates. What’s important is getting loved ones presents that truly speak to them. After all, we’re all unique and so are our tastes! 😊



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