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Are You Cleansing Your Face Correctly? Here Are 4 Things To Know

by Editorial Team |

Washing your face can seem like the most obvious, straightforward part of your daily skincare routine. However, washing it right requires more than just slapping on some face soap and splashing it with water. Here are 4 easy do’s and don’ts to ensure you're cleansing your face properly! 

1. DO Use the Right Skincare Products (Put down that coconut oil!)

This is probably the trickiest part of cleansing, because there are literally THOUSANDS of options out there when it comes to cleansers and face washes. However, there a some types of products that you should just avoid all together.

For instance, most ordinary bar soaps and body washes feature ingredients and fragrances that are far too harsh for your face, which has far more delicate skin! Make sure you're using a dedicated face wash or cleanser that is specifically formulated for your face. 

You've also probably heard that some natural ingredients like coconut oil can make for great makeup removers. However, coconut oil is highly comedogenic. This means it is really good at clogging your pores, leading to breakouts, so it's best to stick to cleansers that are designed for your face!


2. DO Steer Clear of Hot Water

While rinsing with hot water can feel soothing and relaxing, going extreme with your water temperature won't do any good to your skin. Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, resulting in irritation and dehydration. It's always best to stick to washing your face with lukewarm water.

"Washing your face with hot water can lead to irritated and dehydrated skin."


3. DON’T Overdo It, But Be Consistent

It's important not to wash your face too many times through the day. Not only does over-washing cause dryness, it can also cause your skin to overproduce oil (to compensate from being stripped of oil so often). It's best to cleanse your face twice a day, and be consistent with it. 

That being said, washing your face after working out is crucial. Forgetting to cleanse after working out will make your skin more prone to breakouts and irritation. So along with regularly cleaning morning and night, you should also cleanse your face after a every sweat session. 


4. DON'T Forget the Rest of Your Skincare

It's super important to always follow up cleansing the rest of your skincare routine, in the morning and night – namely your toner, face serum and a nourishing moisturiser.

Your toner will help to rebalance your skin's pH levels (which can become unbalanced when you cleanse), your serum will help restore and retain moisture into your skin and keep it healthy, and your moisturiser will help lock everything in and act as a protective skin barrier. 

And that’s it. Make these do’s and don’ts of face washing your mantra, and pave the way for healthy, glowing skin.


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