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Introducing Cloud Factory – Your Clean Beauty++ Foaming Cleanser

by Navneet K |

You've probably heard of 'green' beauty buzzwords like 'natural' and 'organic'. But how familiar are you with 'clean beauty'? A recent report by Statista suggests 60% of us believe it equals natural ingredients, while 32% of us think it means products with less harsh chemicals. Clearly we are divided about its true meaning.

In general, clean beauty products are considered non-toxic and tested for safety; they can contain natural, naturally-derived, or synthetic ingredients. However, the problem is, safety standards for clean ingredients vary greatly across the world. Europe, which has some of the most stringent regulations, bans up to 1,328 toxic ingredients commonly found in beauty products. ASEAN countries have been quick to follow suit. In contrast, the US only bans around 30 toxic ingredients from cosmetics, while other countries only ban 14.

Back to Basics – Introducing Cloud Factory

So, while clean beauty has always been core to Yours, we've always felt that clean beauty alone was not enough. Thus, we decided to raise the bar and set our own skincare standard, which we call Clean Beauty++. 

This Clean Beauty ++ philosophy became the backbone of our very first product launch – a simple 4-step essentials set including a serum, a day cream, a night cream and an eye serum – as well as every product we’ve launched since (have you met Clean Slate and Sunny Side Up yet?). Now we’re excited to take it back to basics: introducing Cloud Factory, a gentle everyday foaming cleanser.

Named after its thick, cloud-like foam, Cloud Factory is not just another cleanser. It’s packed with sustainably-sourced Swiss ingredients that are Clean Beauty ++ approved, which gently remove dirt and impurities while maintaining your skin’s natural pH balance. It features Swiss red clover flower, which minimises and rebalances your pores, and Pinolumin (pine extracts) which reduces age spots and evens out your skin tone. On top of that it features botanical extracts from 5 fruit acids – natural AHAs which work to cleanse, gently exfoliate and restore your skin. The best bit? It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. 

Our Clean Beauty++ Philosophy

While safe, effective and non-toxic ingredients are our top priority, for us it’s also important that they don’t have any impact on the environment. Before doing anything, we ask: where are these ingredients sourced from and how? What are the quality checks and safety tests in place to ensure sustainable sourcing and no adulteration during product formulations?

In addition to the 1,328 toxic ingredients banned by Europe’s stringent cosmetics regulations, we blacklist an additional 128 ingredients that are harmful to you and the environment, and we go two steps further (the ++ represents these steps) to ensure:

+ Total transparency throughout our supply chain. Each ingredient is sustainably sourced from suppliers we trust and meet with regularly, and not from unknown online suppliers. We only work with clean, safe ingredients from the Swiss Alps and South Korea.

+ We test for safety and efficacy in our Swiss labs, at both ingredient and formulation level to ensure you receive the highest quality skincare. We also make sure all our ingredients are rated ‘safe’ by the Environmental Working Group, which is globally considered the gold standard in non-toxic ingredient ratings for cosmetics.

At Yours, we’re on a mission to make skincare simple and sustainable. This is just the beginning of our Clean Beauty ++ journey and we are committed to making skincare sustainable for both you and the planet––we’re excited that this launch is the next step in the right direction!

Founder & CEO, Yours

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Now You Know All About It, Why Not Try Cloud Factory! 

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