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Easy Skincare Tips for Mums-to-Be

by Editorial Team |

Skincare tips for mums will help those women that have new life stirring inside of them. Pregnancy is an exciting phase in every woman’s life. However, despite all the love you have for your little one, there are some days that you simply dread what you’ve signed up for.

Amidst all these overwhelming emotions, skin issues like breakouts, stretch marks, pigmentation, and dryness certainly don't help.

Fortunately, skincare during pregnancy does not have to be elaborate. First, let’s go over commonly faced skin issues by women over these 9 months (trust us, you’re not the only one). Then, we shall reveal some secrets to achieving radiant skin for expecting mothers.

However, before we get to that, would you like to take a free skin assessment that reveals some of your skin's secrets? It will account for your environment and lifestyle factors, and tell you of the clean ingredients you need for healthy skin - even when pregnant!



Commonly-Encountered Skin Problems During Pregnancy


If you find yourself itching and scratching at any point during your pregnancy, don’t freak out. There’s a number of reasons why this could be happening:

  • Your skin is stretching to make your little one comfortable
  • Blood supply to the skin has increased
  • Hormonal changes

While this is a widely experienced concern, you might want to seek medical attention if it gets out of hands. You don’t want to be dealing with cholestasis - a serious condition experienced by a few expecting mothers.


Stretch Marks

What really is pregnancy without living with a few stretch marks? To all the preggo women out there, this is nothing to worry about. These also, are the result of skin that’s trying to make room for your baby. Although the skin is a fairly elastic organ, stretch marks are almost unavoidable.


Blemishes and Pigmentation

Acne, black spots, pimples, and discolouration are certainly some of the most-hated things in the world. We get why. They literally pop out of nowhere – there’s rarely a warning or an evident cause.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes changes faster than ever. Your hormonal balance is thrown off, with your skin being overly sensitive. When pregnant, alleviating these pests might seem key to feeling good.

The good news is that getting rid of facial acne during pregnancy is not impossible. Read on to learn more...

These are the most recurrent skin issues for women expecting a baby. However, if you have other skin concerns giving you the heebie-jeebies, don’t fret.

Doing as follows will help you achieve a flaunt-worthy skin even with a baby on the way.


Skincare Tips to Follow During Pregnancy

These are the best tips to pamper yourself and keep skin flawless when you’re expecting a baby.

Skincare Tips for Mums To Be #1 Go Clean

Due to heightened hormone levels, your skin would certainly be more sensitive. So, this is certainly not the best time to experiment with chemical-infused products. Instead, stick to clean skincare ingredients, like at Yours.

Moreover, natural ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, almond oil, and coconut oil make for great home remedies for pregnant women.


Skincare Tips for Mums To Be #2 Sun Protection

While sunscreens are something that should never be brushed aside, skipping it during pregnancy is the biggest no-no. Make sure you never step out of the house without lathering sun protection all over your body.

Now is also the right time to get your sunglasses, hats, and scarves out of your closet. We’re sure they look much better when worn by you. ;)


Skincare Tips for Mums To Be #3 Minimal Makeup

While the less-is-more philosophy is always propounded by us, now is the time that we cannot stress it enough. The more you let your skin breathe, the better.

If you’re the kind of person that denies leaving the house without makeup on, it’s alright. Here’s a list of products that must be in your minimalist makeup bag:

  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Eye Shadow
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick

Also, look into the ingredients that go into your makeup. Try your best to avoid harmful makeup ingredients.

Lastly, ensure that you get your makeup off before you sleep. Lingering residual makeup and dirt make for the perfect breeding ground for blemishes.


Skincare Tips for Mums To Be #4 Light Exercise

Don’t roll your eyes. We know you cannot run miles on a treadmill, and go to Zumba class with a baby growing in your body. However, lying in bed for 9 months straight is just not an option.

Moderate exercise, or simply going for walks can go a long way in promoting glowing skin and a healthy body. It also helps keep your organs fit, and eliminates toxins from your body.

So sweat it out, woman! Trust us, your baby loves it.


Skincare Tips for Mums To Be #5 Hydrate!

While this is paramount at any point in life, a pregnant body’s need for water is way more. After all, you’ve got to keep 2 human beings hydrated. Make sure you’re drinking at least 2 litres of water on a daily basis.

If the taste of water does not appeal to your taste buds, switch to substitutes like coconut water.


Skincare Tips for Mums To Be #6 Moisturise

While some women are blessed with a ‘pregnancy-glow,’ many struggle with dry skin, chapped lips and cracked heels, especially during winters.

Hence, make it a point to moisturise your skin well at several points of the day. Cocoa butter infused products are said to be masters at hydrating the skin.

Pregnancy is an eye-opening episode in most women’s lives. This is when you get to make discoveries about your body and find out what it really likes. Make the most of this time, as you count days to cradling your new-born baby.

If you wish to pamper yourself over these 9 months, you can get yourself personalised skincare. We make our products will love, care, and attention – just what you need when pregnant.

To get started, take our free skin assessment. It takes just 2 minutes! 😊



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