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The Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Face

by Editorial Team |

Washing your face right is more complex than it sounds. It might seem easy - splash some water, throw a dab of face wash, rinse, and pat dry. Sadly, almost nothing to do with skincare comes that easy. Caring for your skin rightly can be a wildly perplexing process.

Furthermore, we really tend to devalue the significance of fundamentals. In a world where we spend a whole lot of time navigating between serums, toners, cleansers, and masks, we neglect the very basics. Except that washing your face right is anything but basic.

Rule #1: Alter the Temperature

We’re sorry to be breaking your bubble, but hot water does anything but soothe your skin. While it might feel good, steaming hot water is not your ally. It dehydrates your skin, stripping off natural oils and moisture. Worse, it can lead to redness, irritation, rashes and breakouts.

Yes, really. Ever thought washing your face could be as counter-productive?

So, as a practice, stick to using lukewarm water – a real winner when it comes to getting rid of dirt while not drying your skin out.


Rule #2: Get Rid of That Makeup and Do It Right

This is especially true for when you’re washing away at night. After having spent all that time ensuring your makeup is spotless, cleaning it all away in seconds could hurt. We get how you feel. But, the dangers of sleeping with makeup on are just too many.

The first step to cleanse your face is eliminating all sorts of impurities – makeup, dirt, grime, sebum, sweat. And no, your face cleanser is not going to do the job. It’s about time you get a gentle makeup remover if you don’t have one already.


Rule #3: Throw Away that Generic Bar of Soap

Think about how you do your laundry. Do you throw all sorts of clothes into the washing machine at once? No. Some require gentle treatment, while some need rigorous handling.

Similarly, bar soaps for the skin are simply off-limits. Most of them are not formulated for the face - they are manufactured using ingredients too harsh for your sensitive skin.

P.S: It would be a good idea to educate yourself on the harmful skincare ingredients front.

So, the next time you go to the supermarket, pick up a facial cleanser that aligns with the pH value of your skin. That’s the first step to washing your face right!


Rule #4: Separate your Towels

Okay, using the same set of towels to wipe your body and your face is just a big no-no. You might be in a hurry to get going with your day, but your skin needs a little bit of your attention.

Although your body might be clean and freshly washed, microorganisms lurk around forever. Having them transferred to your face is the biggest invitation to acne and breakouts.

So, invest in an antimicrobial towel for wiping your face post showers.


Rule #5: Stop! Don’t Overdo It

While washing your face is important, overdoing it might completely mess it up for you. Don’t be someone that rushes to the sink every other hour. Washing your face about twice a day would be just right.

Furthermore, if you notice your skin breaking out or misbehaving, you might get tempted to exfoliate more than regularly. Take our word, and don’t do it.

Remember that your skin's outermost layer is a natural moisture barrier, and can protect itself.


Rule #6: Keep Your Hands Grime-Free

The right way to clean your skin is to get rid of impurities, apply cleanser with your fingers, and gently massage in slow circular movements.

Now, think of your hand as being a storehouse of germs and bacteria accumulated over a long day. You’re massaging it all onto your skin, and slowly, turning it into a breeding ground for more bacteria and a world of skin problems.

Put simply (and less gruesomely), clean your hands before you clean your face.


Rule #7: Know What to Buy

Whether you’re going skincare shopping or grocery shopping, make it a habit to skim through the ingredients section on the packaging. Any product containing sodium lauryl sulfate will do more harm than good to your skin. This chemical is said to produce foam which falsely leads us to believe that the product is working.

However, there’s no particular link between foaming and cleansing. In fact, it can dehydrate your skin and contribute to a dry, flaky skin.

If you want to be absolutely sure, give clean beauty++ a try. This will ensure that your skincare is not just toxins-free and safe, but also ethical and sustainable.


Rule #8: It Doesn’t End at Washing

You’re done washing your face the right way. What a feat! Now before you jump into your bed and get all comfy, do your skin one last favour.

Using a cotton ball, wipe your face (especially the oily T-zone) with a toner. Next, moisturise. Moreover, it is important to do this seconds within washing your face. This helps to keep an often dry-post-washing-face hydrated.


So, have you been washing your face right, or has it been wrong all along?

If it’s the latter, know that you’re not the only one. Furthermore, if you need help in assessing your skin or narrowing down on the right ingredients and products for your skin, try out our skin assessment below.



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