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How to Achieve Healthy, Hydrated Winter Skin

by Editorial Team |

Winter skin often resembles a piece of craggy sandpaper. This certainly is a fun time of the year. Amidst last-minute trips to the beach, and stocking up on trendy winter wear, you might have side-lined your skin.

So, we’ve put together an elaborate guide for healthy winter skin. What must you do? What should you avoid? What does an ideal diet look like? 

Prevention is Better Than Cure for Winter Skin

Okay first things first, prepare well in advance. Don’t you pull out your sweatshirts and woolens way before the first spell of snowfall? Try to follow a similar pattern when it comes to your skin.

Prepping your skin for seasonal shifts is much easier than taming ugly reactions. If your skin always turns red, scratchy, and irritated at the onset of winters, there’s a high chance you’re pushing it.

A good way to know that it’s time to transform your skincare is by paying close attention to how you dress. Are you frowning at the thought of wearing strappy gowns or rubber slippers? Well then, maybe it’s time.

So, what really are the changes you should be bringing about?



A Heavier Moisturiser

You’ve probably been moisturising all your life (or so we hope). However, there’s a reason why a whole variety of moisturisers can be found at the supermarket. To cater to the needs of winter skin, you must switch to a heavier, thicker moisturiser.

In the dry season, there’s a dire need for moisture to be sealed into your skin. Oil-based and petroleum-free moisturisers would be your go-to’s.

Oily skinned peeps, are you raising your brows? If using an oil-based moisturiser seems counter-productive to you, we get it.

Here’s where we get to feel helpful! Our skincare experts can formulate a personalised facial cream that’s right just for your moisturising needs.

 Moisturizer for Winter Skin

A Gentle Scrub

Exfoliation is certainly a debated topic when it comes to skincare in dry seasons. However, there’s no denying that without light exfoliation, your skin is going to show signs of deterioration. Getting rid of dead skin cells is paramount.

Just so you don’t overdo it, switch your daily cleanser for a milder one. This will ensure that you do not rip your skin off moisture.



Ah, our favourites! Now let’s admit it. Many of us just don’t know what this perpetually thrown around word serum really means. Is it a moisturiser? An oil? An essence?

Made up of smaller molecules, this gel-based liquid permeates the skin and works at the deepest levels.

Using a facial serum will leave your skin hydrated for good.


Reform your Home

Now, this is something that could benefit not just you, but also those living with you. Winters are just the right time to invest in a humidifier for your home and/or your workspace.

To not let the cold get to you, windows might stay shut for days. This also equates to scarce moisture levels, and that’s a red alert for your skin. A humidifier helps add moisture back into the air and reverses the drying out effects of heating systems.


Eat Right, Folks!

What goes into your body is exceptionally important. To do away with the miseries brought on by winters, you must start consuming these superfoods for glowing skin:

  • Include foods and ingredients that are high on water content. Think watermelon, cucumber, carrots, and lettuce.
  • Binge on fatty foods. Walnuts, avocados, fatty fish, cheese, and olive oil make for great dry-season-foods. If you’re worried about gaining weight, sweat it out. Not only will that act as an added benefit for your skin, but also keep you warm.

 Carrots for Winter Skin


Skipping the Sunscreen

Slathering on sunscreen on a dull winter day might seem abstruse. However, you can’t not apply sunscreen. Make this your mantra, people!

Remember that harmful UV rays are always present in the atmosphere – deceiving, yeah. So, no sunscreen is not an option.


Excessively Hot Showers

When someone advises you against a steaming hot shower in freezing cold temperatures, you can’t help but frown But if there’s one enemy hot water has, it’s the skin. Worse, dry winter skin.

Hot water leads your skin to feel dehydrated, and devoid of natural oils. So, try switching to lukewarm water.

Here’s a tip: Start with hot water, and gradually transition to lukewarm. This way, you won’t freeze.


Overdoing Caffeine and Alcohol

When temperatures drop, hot cups of coffee often come to the rescue. Furthermore, the winter months also welcome a whole lot of festivities. After all, ‘tis the season!

However, caffeine and alcohol-ridden drinks are masters at dehydrating the body and the skin. So, keep your consumption in check. Don’t fret – you do not have to eliminate coffee and alcohol from your life. Simply make sure you aren’t overdoing it.

 Less Coffee for Winter Skin

Using Fragrant Products

Do away with products that are infused with fragrances, chemicals, and additives. You can also avoid winter skin problems by limiting the use of soaps. This is just another way of making sure you’re not dehydrating your skin.

Alternatively, opt for products that make use of natural fragrances like chamomile, jasmine, or lavender. Do make sure that they’re truly natural and not just for namesake. Skim through the ingredients and only then, make a purchase.


If you want to up your winter skin game to the next level, we’re here. We make our products with love and all-clean skincare ingredients. All you must do is take our free skin assessment. Ready?



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